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Ragazzi CNC
Women’s Hair Loss Solutions
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Ragazzi CNC: The Leading Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System in MA

The Ragazzi CNC hair system is a custom-designed second-skin cranial prosthetic injected with raw virgin hair that fits onto your scalp. No more clips, tabs, or uncomfortable full-cap wigs–the Ragazzi CNC feels like you are wearing nothing at all. 

Once the hair system is applied, it feels like natural hair and scalp, making it an undetectable hair replacement solution. Every hair system is made with raw human hair hand-selected and individually injected. No other company offers this level of quality and craftsmanship!

The Process

Expert Evaluation

Restoring hair loss and scalp health with the Cesare Ragazzi CNC system starts with a confidential evaluation of the patient’s hair and scalp. We test for hydration, sebum levels, and pH balance in our initial consultation and prescribe the appropriate CR Lab treatment protocol. At Wilde Hair, we consider all factors: age, etiology, and degree of current hair loss. We also study the quality, texture, and coloring as we design a custom CNC solution for the patient.

Digital Mapping of Your Scalp

Next, we complete a sophisticated digital mapping of the patient’s head and scalp using the innovative Ragazzi 3D scanning device. The prosthesis is customized to fit the dimensions of your scalp. We send the mold to Cesare Ragazzi in Italy to begin the 39-stage production process to create the CNC system.

Creation of Your Customized Hair System

Once at Cesare Ragazzi’s production facility, the anti-microbial FDA-approved base of the CNC system is made using 3D printing. That way, it matches the precise shape, contour, and color of the patient’s scalp. Strands of the highest quality virgin hair, which have been meticulously evaluated in the factory for quality and authenticity, are hand-injected onto this base, extending from the micro-thin CNC system to replicate the patient’s hair and scalp perfectly.

Professional Placement & Styling

Once the CNC System is made, our team of hair & scalp specialists will seamlessly attach the system using a medical-grade FDA-cleared adhesive. We do a patch test on all of our patients to determine whether or not they have an allergic reaction and can adjust accordingly. We then cut, color-balance, and style the patient’s hair as well as the CNC system. This results in a completely custom, non-invasive hair restorative solution that gives the patient confidence and unparalleled comfort.

A Beautiful & Confident You!

The Ragazzi CNC hair system gives you the freedom to do the things you love in confidence. You can resume normal activities immediately after the application. You can do everything from swimming and exercising to playing with your kids and sleeping in peace. Our goal is for you to fall in love with your hair again!

Ragazzi CNC FAQ

Yes! Our patients include those that have a diagnosis of Trichotillomania, Alopecia Areata, Frontal Fibrosing, Alopecia, and Alopecia Totalis. We also help those that have congenital birth defects and those that have been affected with burns to the scalp. We see patients that are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer as well as those that have natural progressive hair thinning on the scalp.

At Wilde Hair, we also have an extensive background in helping our clients move forward with FUE, Micro FUE, and FUT procedures (when clinically appropriate).

Yes, it does require regular maintenance. Gregory has the expertise to properly remove, clean, and reapply the hair system. With proper maintenance, the system will have a longer lifespan and look radiant.

We recommend always coming to Wilde Hair for any cut or color for your hair. Gregory’s knowledge and understanding of the hair system will leave you with beautiful and safe results. You can learn more about Ragazzi Hair Coloring here.

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