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Women’s Hair Loss Solutions
in Boston, MA

Many women with a diagnosis of Trichotillomania, Alopecia Areata, Frontal Fibrosing, Alopecia, or Alopecia Totalis are searching for a comfortable, high-quality hair loss solution. However, women with hair loss often do not achieve a good clinical outcome after doing follicular unit excision (FUE), follicular unit transfer (FUT), platelet rich plasma (PRP), or other standard surgical and clinical interventions. 

Wilde Hair, in partnership with the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratory, provides the most advanced non-surgical hair restoration system on the market. We offer an undetectable, 3D-imaged second-skin cranial prosthetic customized to your scalp’s exact dimensions. All of our systems are hand-injected with raw virgin hair, which makes them incomparable to any other system on the market.

Our Process
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Leading Technology

The CNC non-surgical hair system is the most technologically advanced, non-invasive, dermatologically-tested hair loss solution found anywhere in the world.

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Custom-Designed For You

At Wilde Hair, we proudly offer an exceptional alternative to traditional wigs: non-surgical hair restoration that is uniquely designed to fit the topography of the patient’s scalp.

Exceptional Results

Our mission is to help our clients fall in love with their hair again. All of our systems are hand-injected with raw virgin hair, which makes them incomparable to any other system on the market. 


Gregory Wilde


Gregory Wilde is the founder of Wilde Hair. Gregory developed this luxury brand because his clientele wanted the most elegant, natural, and undetectable hair restorative systems. At Wilde Hair, customer confidentiality and one-on-one pampering ensure the highest level of customer experience and service available today.

Wilde Hair is a luxury experience. Gorgeous, undetectable hair systems are our trademark. Come in, unwind, and be transformed in our tranquil environment–and reawaken to looking absolutely beautiful.

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Our Hair Systems Are Made For You

The Process of Your Nonsurgical Hair Replacement

Initial Consultation

During your consultation at Wilde Hair, Gregory will evaluate your hair and scalp to determine whether the CNC system is a good match for you. During your consultation, you’ll discuss your hair goals, walk through the Wilde Hair process, and determine your best next step.

Scalp Mapping

Now, it’s time to start producing your customized hair prosthetic. Gregory will create a precise digital map of your scalp using the patented 3D scanner process. The CNC 3D Head Scanner utilizes cutting-edge technology to determine the best prosthesis. We will send this digital map to the labs in Italy to begin the creation process.


The full production and creation process for your customized hair system takes over 39 steps from the experts in Italy. Using robotic technology, we create an exact replica of your scalp. Then, natural, non-processed virgin air is sorted to find your perfect color match. Finally, adding the new hair to the second scalp is a manual process. Each strand of hair is individually inserted into the base to keep the natural distribution, movement, and direction of your own hair.

Placement & Styling

Your new hair system will arrive at Wilde Hair, where you will have a personal fitting with Gregory. Then, you can style and color your hair to finalize the perfect hair match. Gregory will provide your individualized maintenance and treatment plan so that your new hair system can remain as beautiful as the day it was placed on your head.

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