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Ragazzi Hair Coloring
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Ragazzi Hair Coloring in MA

At Wilde Hair, we specialize in color balancing the CNC Ragazzi hair systems. This skill is vital, in combination with an understanding of parameters and design calculations, to help our clients achieve the most undetectable look.

As hair and scalp experts, we stay on top of the safest and most beautiful color options for women. Each hair coloring service is customized to meet your desired look. Additionally, we offer color alternatives to women who have allergies to hair color. Our goal is to ensure that your result is beautiful and safe for your general health. 

Rich, natural, multi-dimensional color is a hallmark of Wilde Hair. With our hair coloring services, your Ragazzi hair system will look beautiful and natural.

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Single Process Color

Simple, straightforward, and classic, a single-process color session quickly and beautifully enhances the color of your hair. A single-process color involves an all-over color application to lighten or darken hair.

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Color Foiling

Gregory uses color foiling techniques to minimize damage to the cuticle and keep your hair healthy and radiant. Color foiling is a beautiful alternative to bleach foiling, which can significantly damage the hair over time. This technique and service have a longer processing time, but it is worth your wait!


Balayage is a service developed to give you that beautiful sun-kissed Victoria’s Secret look with minimal maintenance in between services. Each balayage service also comes with a color gloss. The result is absolutely gorgeous!

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